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Fuel Cell

A fuel cell is a device that produces electricity by converting chemical energy directly into electrical energy. It works by reacting hydrogen or methanol with oxygen in an electrochemical process that produces electricity, with heat and water vapor as by-products.

Fuel cells have high efficiency and are a cleaner source of energy than traditional methods such as diesel generators. Commonly used in off-grid applications where regular power is unavailable.

Freber provides complete fuel cell solutions with a battery, inverter, and real-time monitoring via a modem with protective casing. The solutions can be scaled from small 40W systems up to 50kW container solutions.

More information
Jan Erik Hennum:, mob: +47 908 74 513

Tobias Hordvei:, mob: +47 482 46 366

John Roar Vanebo:, mob: +47 924 68 223

Ingar Ottosen:, mob: +47 974 09 717

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