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Your best collaboration partner

About us

Freber's vision is to be the customer's top collaboration partner for products, quality and communication within our field of expertise. We go above and beyond to create the best solutions for each individual customer and project.

We have a highly skilled technical team specializing in electronics, batteries and energy storage. Together with our suppliers and customers, we strive to find the most effective solutions for every project. At Freber, we prioritize energy efficiency, sustainability and innovation.

Our team has a diverse range of technical expertise, and we have extensive ecperience working on large projects. Since 1984, Freber has developed a strategic contact network in Asia, Europe and the USA with ISO certified manufacturers, based on complete customer designs. We manufacture volume production with relevant approvals in industries such as medicine, defence and the maritime sector, among others.


Freber, established in 1984, is a norwegian company located in Drammen, Norway. In 2021, HCA Melbye became a co-owner with 33% ownership. Together we will further invest in our core business; consulting engineering, custom design and the production of solutions for energy storage, battery solutions, electronic components and cable harness.


"Your best partner"


We want to be our customers best partner when it comes to product, quality and communication in developing custom solutions.

We will fulfill our obligations to customers and employees and choose to collaborate with the best suppliers and manufacturers within our segments.

Custom Solution

Based on complete customer design, Freber has built up a strategic contact network in Asia, Europe, and the USA with ISO-certified manufacturers. With these manufacturers, we have volume production, with relevant approvals, in the areas of medicine, defense, and the maritime sector.

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