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Privacy Policy

Freber AS wish to make your customer experience better. As a part of this we want you to feel safe when you are using our website. We understand that you want to be aware of which information gets collected by using our pages, and that we manage your information in a secure way. This privacy statement is made to give you answers to any questions about privacy.

What is personal information?

Personal information involves any information which directly or indirectly can be used to identify a person or a person’s behavior patterns. A person is an identifiable physical person, for example a customer or a contact person. Information is for example first name, last name, address, email address, phone number and other contact information.


Treatment responsible

The CEO at Freber AS, is responsible for how the business treats personal information. The declaration contains information you are entitled to when it is collected from our website (personopplysningsloven § 19) and general information about how we treat personal information (personopplysningsloven § 18 1. Ledd).


What is the legal basis?

To be able to send relevant information, and to offer as good a service above our interests as possible. To be able to contact the user/customers to answer to their inquiries.

What personal information gets treated?

This website uses a contact form and collects data from this. The information that gets collected from the contact form is your email address, name and phone number.

The website collects information through forms on our pages. It is voluntary to share this information. If you decide not to share your personal information, we’re prevented from giving you access to the product or service. Anonymized information which can not be related to you will be used and kept as statistical and analytical purposes. 

Where the information is obtained from

This website collects personal information that you voluntarily give us via forms and cookies which is put on the pages. Cookies are small text files that is placed in your computer when you download a website. Storing of information and treatment of this information is illegal unless the user has been informed as well as given consent to the treatment. The user should know of and approve of what information gets treated, what the purpose with the treatment is and who’s treating the information (ekomloven § 2-7b.


This is the cookies which is used on this webpage – Read information about cookies

Do we pass on information to third parties?

Personal information is not shared with outside third parties, but Freber AS can use subcontractors to deliver the whole or parts of the website. Subcontractors can treat personal information on behalf of Freber Elektronikk AS

How does the information get deleted and stored?

Personal information is stored via WIX. We are deleting data from the system when a customer relationship ends.


Which right does the registered have and what country’s legislation applies?

You have the right to insight in the personal information about you that Freber AS are treating, and you have the right to demand that your personal information is corrected or supplemented.

You also have the right to demand that your information gets deleted. By such requests all of your personal information gets deleted, unless continued storing of personal information is demanded by law or allowed as a result of Freber’s legitimate interests. Freber AS can continue to store anonymized information which cannot be linked to you.


Contact us by using the contact information indicated under treatment responsible if you wish to execute your right to: receive information about which personal information about you the treatment responsible are handling; change, correct or update your personal information; demand that personal information gets deleted; withdraw your approval for collecting, treating and usage, or extradition of your personal information to third parties; receive information about your right to data portability, your right to receive, reuse or transfer personal information you have shared with Freber AS. If you think that Freber AS’s treatment of personal information is in stride with the privacy laws, you have the right to complain to “Datatilsynet”.


The purpose of the treatment

It is voluntary to provide personal information associated with contacting us using the contact form. This information is used exclusively to respond to inquiries, unless otherwise is agreed in advance. As a user of the site you consent to collection and processing of data in form of cookies unless something else is specified.

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