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Rescue Charger

Rescue Charger

An increasing number of electric vehicles and the demand for zero emissions pose challenges in keeping them operational, especially during the winter months. Freber and Ekoda have, therefore developed a mobile solution with batteries for emergency charging of EVs using our unique system, RESCUE CHARGER.

RESCUE CHARGER is designed for use with vehicles equipped with CCS2 and can deliver a 50 kW charging capacity. After completing a service mission, the device can be fully recharged in under 1.5 hours by connecting the system to a standard CCS2 DC fast charger or through a standard industrial socket, making it ready for the next use.

With 88 kWh of available battery capacity, the system can provide power for approximately 1.5 hours at full load. At lower loads, the usage time will proportionally extend. The system is integrated into a dedicated cabinet system that can be easily mounted on a trailer or in a van.

This system is prepared to use 400V and 230V tools or charge hand tools without the use of fossil energy and related emissions in urban areas.

Please contact us for more information:

Asgeir Kolsrud:, mob +47 901 68 788

Morten Uhl Knudsen:, mob +47 906 72 744

Erik-Andre Bergan:, mob +47 414 05 329

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