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Mobile charger trailer from Freber on construction site

A mobile charging trailer from Freber is here in practical use on a construction site. The trailer is moved by car and charges the electric excavator onsite. With a short distance from the machine to the green charging point, this is both time-saving and environmentally friendly, and the workday is thus simplified, more efficient and contributes to emission-free construction sites. Requirements for energy supply at construction sites, attractions, and events is stricktly regulated, including CO2 emissions, noise pollution, and other environmental factors The government issued in 2021 for construction sites in the transport sector to be fossil-free by 2025. Freber's mobile charging trailers can be used both on-grid and off-grid to meet these needs and requirements.

We customize a mobile charging trailer according to your needs for capacity and power, please contact us for more information!


Asgeir Kolsrud:, mob: +47 90168788

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