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Mobile trailer solutions

Our mobile charge-trailers comes with a built-in battery system to easy supply power to electrical machines and cars - like on construction sites. The trailers are adapted to your needs.

ESS CHARGER TRAILER features a built-in battery to easily power electrical cars and heavy machinery, for example outside on construction sites. With a mobile ESS charging trailer, cars and machines can be charged WHERE THEY ARE. Size, capacity and connections are customized based on your need, with a maximum weight of 3500kg. Choose from 38 to 191kWt battery capacity and up to 150kW 3-phase power out. The mobile solution is delivered with cloud-based service, notification services via SMS and email, and also has climate control and extinguishing systems. 

EV CHARGE TRAILER is built for mobility, flexibility and quality. Select the desired number and type of charging boxes. AC type 2 or DC type 3, with or without battery support. With a mobile EV trailer from Freber, you can increase charging capacity in seasonally exposed areas or during larger events. EV trailers can be supported with peak shave batteries, tracking device and 4G modem with UPS - always adapted to YOUR needs.

RESCUE CHARGER is a mobile solution with batteries for emergency charging of EV's. It is designed for use with vehicles equipped with CCS2 and can deliver a 50 kW charging capacity. After completing a service mission, the device can be fully recharged in under 1.5 hours by connecting the system to a standard CCS2 DC fast charger or through a standard industrial socket, making it ready for the next use.

More information

Asgeir Kolsrud:, mob: +47 901 68 788

Morten Uhl Knudsen:, mob: +47 906 72 744

Erik-Andre Bergan:, mob: +47 414 05 329

Ingar Ottosen:, mob: +47 974 09 717

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