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Freber delivers ESS charger trailer to Agaia

Mobil ladehenger til Agaia

Freber has in recent years had a steadily increasing focus on batteries and battery technology, and has developed a number of different combinations of batteries and inverters. These range from compact indoor and outdoor cabinets and containers, now also including mobile charging trailers. These have built-in batteries to easily provide power to electric machines, cars, and equipment on construction sites.

"Mobility is important. Large and small electric machines that need to be recharged where they are, and during short breaks. Here you can also charge regardless of whether the excavator is in use or not. Charge when you can, not when you have to," says CEO Roar Lindseth at Freber.

With Agaia on board, mobile charging trailers are now being delivered adjusted to charging all electrical equipment. Freber makes it possible for Agaia to have a Norwegian solution, as well as a local supplier that can provide close follow-up.

"We feel this is important with regard to the use and follow-up of the products in the future," says Svein Erik Bjerkheim at Agaia.

Agaia is one of the country's largest landscaping contractors, and focuses on sustainability, the environment, and reuse. We are committed to delivering products that are in a class of their own and the best on the market, while also being sustainable in the future. To remain competitive, where climate and environmental requirements are increasing, the focus on electric machines is also growing.

Easy to move - high capacity

With regard to weight and mobility, the sizes we have selected for these trailers are adapted to a maximum total weight of up to 3.5 tons and range from 38 to 191 kWh of stored energy, and from 30 to 150 kW of 3-phase mains voltage output. The energy trailers have flexible connections behind lockable doors for input and output. These specifications can be customized to meet the user's needs.

Safety, service, and maintenance of these ESS trailers are ensured by advanced monitoring from each individual battery cell to the overall system level. The solution has proactive service data via a cloud service to view and change values, and the user is notified via SMS or email. The ESS trailers also have built-in climate control and extinguishing systems.

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