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    Engineering services, energy storage systems and custom solutions Freber Freber's focus on green energy is not only to create energy, but how to store and use it on demand. To make our environment greener, we provide energy storage systems (from 2 kWh to >1 MWh), various types of battery solutions, fuel cells, and products related to solar power systems. ​ ​ Read more about us Products Energy storage Freber offers flexible, modular energy storage and inverter systems ranging from kW to MW sizes with robust cloud-based system monitoring and energy management. Read more Electronics Freber offers products within electronics and mechatronics from well known suppliers. Where in-design is not necessary, we have the experience and knowledge of available solutions. Read more Power High-quality products for both industrial and consumer applications. We offer all battery technologies, including lithium technology, as well as customized solutions for voltage, shape, and capacity. Read More News New Sales Engineer Please welcome our new team member, John Roar Vanebo. He will focus on the Power division and also support with electrotechnical solutions. Please read more... Lithium battery for your golf cart? Deep Cycle Lithium battery for golf cart is now available. Please contact us for more information. Tobias +47 482 46 366 ​ Rescue Charger Freber and Ekoda present the Rescue Charger; a mobile solution with batteries for emergency charging of EV's. The system is integrated into a dedicated caninet system that can be easily mounted on a trailer or in a van. ​ (Click the picture to read more...) Together to streamline energy and preserve nature.

  • Supplier Code of Conduct | Freber

    Supplier Code of Conduct Freber Elektronikk AS strives to conduct business in a responsible manner, based on respect for human rights, labor rights, health, safety, and the environment, prevent corruption and in general through good business practices. ​ Freber Elektronikk AS expects our suppliers and partners (hereby referred to as “the supplier”) to conduct their businesses on an ethical basis and in compliance with our Code of Conduct principles as described below. When this Code of Conduct has been communicated to a specific supplier, it shall be regarded as a contract document and as a part of any contract between Freber Elektronikk AS and the supplier in question. Freber Elektronikk AS also expects our suppliers to ensure that all subcontractors involved in the production of products sold to Freber Elektronikk AS comply with the principles of our Code of Conduct. If non-compliances occur, we expect corrective actions to be taken within a reasonable time frame agreed upon between the supplier and Freber Elektronikk AS. ​ As a rule, the supplier and their subcontractors must follow their respective national laws. Should the provisions of national laws and the requirements of our Code of Conduct differ, the highest standard shall apply. ​ The principles below are based on the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact as well as The UN's Guiding principles on business and human rights and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on Responsible Business Conduct and ILO Conventions and recommendations. ​ ​ HUMAN RIGHTS ​ The supplier shall support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuse. There shall be no harsh or inhumane treatment. Physical abuses or punishment or the threat of physical abuse shall be prohibited. The same applies to sexual or other abuse, and to other types of humiliation. The supplier shall carry out and document a risk assessment for human right impacts throughout the supply chain. CONDITIONS AT THE WORKPLACE ​ There shall be no forced, bonded or involuntary labor. Employees shall not be required to pay a deposit or surrender their identity papers to an employer, and they shall be free to terminate a work contract after a reasonable period of notice. Employees shall be free to leave the workplace premises at the end of the day. All workers shall have the freedom to join or form trade unions/associations of their own choosing and to bargain collectively. ​ There shall not be discrimination against trade union representatives or attempts to prevent them from doing trade union work. Child labor shall be prohibited. The supplier shall take the appropriate measures to ensure that no child labor occurs at their own place of production or operations or at their sub-contractors’ sites of production or operations. The supplier shall ensure that workers under the minimum age for work or mandatory schooling as specified by the local law, are not employed. When young workers are employed, they must not do work that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous or harmful. The work shall not interfere with their opportunity to attend school and develop. The supplier shall actively work to eliminate discrimination. There shall be no discrimination in working life based on ethnicity, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, trade union membership or political affiliation. Measures shall be established to protect employees from sexually intrusive, threatening, insulting or exploitative behavior, and from discrimination or termination of employment on unjustifiable grounds, e.g., marriage, pregnancy, parenthood, or HIV status. ENVIRONMENT ​ The supplier shall actively work to reduce negative impact on the environment both locally and globally and take a precautionary approach to environmental challenges. The supplier shall take measures to minimize adverse impacts on human health and the environment throughout the value chain. This includes minimizing pollution, promoting an efficient and sustainable use of resources, including energy and water, and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions in production and transport. The local environment at the production site shall not be exploited or degraded. National and international environmental legislation and regulations shall be respected, and relevant discharge permits obtained. BUSINESS INTEGRITY & ANTI-CORRUPTION ​ The supplier shall follow all local and national business laws. The supplier shall work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery. The supplier shall comply with applicable laws concerning bribery, corruption, fraud, and any other prohibited business practices. The supplier shall not offer, promise, or give any improper benefit, favor or incentive to any public official, international organization or other third party. The supplier shall under no circumstance cause or be part of any breach of general or special competition regulations and laws, such as illegal cooperation on pricing or illegal market sharing. LABOUR STANDARDS & REGULAR EMPLOYMENT Wages and social benefits shall meet, at a minimum, national legal standards or industry standards, whichever is higher and shall always be sufficient to cover fundamental needs. It shall be prohibited to use wage deductions as a disciplinary measure. All workers shall be provided with a written contract of employment in a language they understand outlining their wage conditions and method of payments before entering employment. Working hours and breaks shall comply with national laws and industry standards, whichever affords greater protection. Workers shall be granted annual leave and sick leave, to which they are entitled according to national legislation. Workers shall be provided with at least one day off for every week/7 day period. Overtime shall be voluntary and limited. Recommended maximum overtime is 12 hours per week. Workers shall receive overtime pay. The pay shall, as a minimum, be in accordance with requirements in applicable law. Obligations to employees under international conventions, national law and regulations concerning regular employment shall not be avoided using short-term contracting (such as contract labor, casual labor, or day labor), sub-contractors or other labor relationships. ​ The supplier shall take measures to ensure that part-time workers receive the same protection as that accorded to comparable full-time workers in aspects of the right to organize, occupational health and safety and discrimination. ​ The supplier shall take measures to ensure that homeworkers receive equal treatment as other wage earners, especially in relation to the right to organize, occupational health and safety, discrimination, renumeration, access to training, minimum age for employment and maternity protection. ​ OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ​ The working environment shall be safe and hygienic, bearing in mind the prevailing knowledge of the industry and of any specific hazards. Necessary measures shall be implemented to prevent and minimize accidents, injuries, and damage to health related to conditions at the workplace. Workers shall receive relevant and documented health and safety training. Employees shall have access to clean sanitary facilities and clean drinking water. If necessary, the employer shall also ensure access to facilities for safe food storage. If the employer provides accommodation, it shall be clean, safe, and adequately ventilated, and have access to clean sanitary facilities and clean drinking water.

  • Terms of delivery | Freber

    Terms of Delivery STANDARD TERMS OF DELIVERY FOR FREBER 1. INTRODUCTION Any sale or equipment rental from FREBER ELEKTRONIKK AS (Hereafter called FREBER) are comprised of these terms and conditions of delivery unless otherwise agreed to in writing. 2. OFFER, PRICING, ETC. In all sales, the set price is the price on the delivery day, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. The seller reserves the right to change offers, prices, rebates, constructions and measurements without prior notice. The prices are based on the offers from our vendors and the current custom fees, duties and exchange rates. We reserve the right to adjust the price in case of any changes in these factors. However, the seller cannot make any adjustments for changes that occur after the seller has received payment from the customer. 3. DRAWINGS AND DESCRIPTIONS All statements on weight, dimensions, capacity, price and other data in catalogues, prospects, advertising etc. are approximate and only binding for Freber when an agreement explicitly refers to such. All drawings, models and samples that are sent to the buyer, remains the seller's property, unless otherwise agreed to. The buyer does not have the right, without Freber's consent, to use them, copy, reproduce, lend or in any other way bring the material to a third party's knowledge. 4. DEVELOPMENTAL WORK The buyer does not have the right, without compensation paid herefore to directly or indirectly make use of developmental work, drawings, samples or tools made by Freber or by Freber's vendors. 5. LENDING Equipment or goods that are lent or /used from Freber for compensation or not, must, unless otherwise explicitly agreed to, only be used together with products delivered or approved by Freber. 6. PLACE OF DELIVERY Unless otherwise explicitly agreed to, all goods will be delivered ex warehouse in Drammen. 7. TIME OF DELIVERY By date of delivery it is meant the date when the goods are available at customers warehouse. If date of delivery is not specified in the order, Freber has the right to deliver anytime within 12 months from the day of the order. 8. HANDLING OF BUFFER-STOCK An agreement about buffer stock can be made in writing between customer and Freber. The customer must commit to take out the agreed buffer stock before an agreed deadline after the last delivery of the product, Freber cannot be held financially responsible for any remaining buffer stock agreed to with the customer in writing. The customer can be required to put up a bank guarantee for the buffer stock. 9. PAYMENT All prices are exclusive VAT. If not otherwise agreed to in writing, payments are to be made according to customers existing payment terms. All payments are in NOK unless otherwise specified in the invoice. Late payments are charged with penalty interest of 1% per every month started. 10. SHIPMENT Shipments are made at the buyers own risk and expense. 11. TREATMENT OF RETURNS Returns can only be made after agreement, and then in accordance with the following guidelines: Wrong deliveries are credited with 100% of the invoiced amount. Return of normal stock where the error is not due to Freber and the return is approved, is credited with 70% of the invoiced amount. Products that are not in stock in Norway, or that are especially put together or produced for the customer, will not be accepted in return. All returns, except as in pt.11a, will be at the buyers own risk and expense. 12. RESPONSIBILITY Freber cannot be held responsible if delivery is hindered because of a work conflict, fire, war, military revolt, confiscation, currency restrictions, rebellion, lack of transportation, ordinary lack of goods, discarding of big work pieces, lack of workers, restrictions on power supply or delay in deliveries from subcontractors due to the circumstances before mentioned, or other supernatural events (Force majeure). In such cases, the buyer cannot refuse to accept delayed delivery, as the delivery time is considered to be extended for as long as the hindering lasted. Freber is not, under any circumstances, responsible for any direct or indirect damage or loss such as price differences, compensation to third party, damage to person or property, even if the damage is due to a defect in products delivered by Freber. Freber is not responsible due to damage because of the case that the good's manufacture, sale or use entails a patent of brand-name intervention. 13. SECURITY The seller reserves the right to demand security for the size of the order or the amount of the invoice, and such security can be demanded after the order is accepted. Delivered products and machines remains the property of Freber until paid for in full. 14. COMPLAINTS Complaints of defects or flaws in the delivered goods must be presented immediately after discovery and at the latest within 8 days of delivery. The seller reserves the right to repair the goods or replace it with new equivalent ones. Flawed goods shall be returned if the seller so wishes. The return of goods must always be agreed to in advance. 15.a RENTAL OF MACHINES AND TOOLS When renting out machines and tools a separate contract is made which regulates rental price and rental period. 15.b OWNERSHIP RIGHTS - USE OF THE EQUIPMENT The rental equipment delivered in accordance with pt.15 a, remains Freber's property. Labels which show the owner/producer name must not be removed. Freber alone decides any additions or changes. 15.c INSTALLATION / SERVICE Installation of the rental equipment shall be performed by the customer if no other agreement is made. The user is instructed to ensure that all necessary service and maintenance is done if there is no separate service contract made. 15.d TRANSFER / SUBLETTING The customer's right to use the rental equipment cannot be transferred to a third party or in any other way be changed. The rental equipment must not be sublet or lent without prior written consent. 15.e RETURNS When the rental agreement ceases, the customer has a duty to return the equipment in good working condition to the offices of Freber in Drammen. This is done at the customer's expense.

  • Blybatteri | Freber

    Lead-Acid Batteries Freber is a distributor of Wing lead-acid batteries from Germany. We can also supply a wide range of starter batteries and deep cyclic batteries. ​​ More information Jan Erik Hennum:, mob: +47 908 74 513 Tobias Hordvei: , mob: +47 482 46 366

  • About us | Freber

    Your best collaboration partner About us Freber's vision is to be the customer's top collaboration partner for products, quality and communication within our field of expertise. We go above and beyond to create the best solutions for each individual customer and project. ​ We have a highly skilled technical team specializing in electronics, batteries and energy storage. Together with our suppliers and customers, we strive to find the most effective solutions for every project. At Freber, we prioritize energy efficiency, sustainability and innovation. ​ Our team has a diverse range of technical expertise, and we have extensive ecperience working on large projects. Since 1984, Freber has developed a strategic contact network in Asia, Europe and the USA with ISO certified manufacturers, based on complete customer designs. We manufacture volume production with relevant approvals in industries such as medicine, defence and the maritime sector, among others. 1984 Freber, established in 1984, is a norwegian company located in Drammen, Norway. In 2021, HCA Melbye became a co-owner with 33% ownership. Together we will further invest in our core business; consulting engineering, custom design and the production of solutions for energy storage, battery solutions, electronic components and cable harness. Vision "Your best partner" We want to be our customers best partner when it comes to product, quality and communication in developing custom solutions. ​ We will fulfill our obligations to customers and employees and choose to collaborate with the best suppliers and manufacturers within our segments. Custom Solution Based on complete customer design, Freber has built up a strategic contact network in Asia, Europe, and the USA with ISO-certified manufacturers. With these manufacturers, we have volume production, with relevant approvals, in the areas of medicine, defense, and the maritime sector.

  • Varebilløsning | Freber

    Rescue Charger An increasing number of electric vehicles and the demand for zero emissions pose challenges in keeping them operational, especially during the winter months. Freber and Ekoda have, therefore developed a mobile solution with batteries for emergency charging of EVs using our unique system, RESCUE CHARGER. ​ RESCUE CHARGER is designed for use with vehicles equipped with CCS2 and can deliver a 50 kW charging capacity. After completing a service mission, the device can be fully recharged in under 1.5 hours by connecting the system to a standard CCS2 DC fast charger or through a standard industrial socket, making it ready for the next use. With 88 kWh of available battery capacity, the system can provide power for approximately 1.5 hours at full load. At lower loads, the usage time will proportionally extend. The system is integrated into a dedicated cabinet system that can be easily mounted on a trailer or in a van. ​ This system is prepared to use 400V and 230V tools or charge hand tools without the use of fossil energy and related emissions in urban areas. Please contact us for more information: ​ Asgeir Kolsrud: , mob +47 901 68 788 Morten Uhl Knudsen: , mob +47 906 72 744 Erik-Andre Bergan: , mob +47 414 05 329 ​​​

  • Sensorer | Freber

    Sensor equipment Motion sensor products for burglar alarms, light control, HVAC control and building automation. More information Trond Eriksen:, mob: +47 995 17 498

  • Mekanikk | Freber

    Mechanics Through our accomplished suppliers we deliver solutions within plastic and aluminum molding, punching, milling, CNC machining and low pressure/low temperature casting. More information Trond Eriksen:, mob: +47 995 17 498

  • Covent | Freber

    Covent Covent delivers energy efficient air handling units for onshore, offshore and marine industries. Freber contributes with cables and assembly-boxes. ​ They have a conscious environmental-profile and energy saving har characterized Covent for years. The company offer air handling units that utilize the environment and its energy in an effective and gentle way. Freber are delivering cables and assembly-boxes to ventilation units for buildings. "Freber's engineer team contributes with experience and occupational competency to our industry. With our focus on new thinking and Freber's delivery precision we meet our customers needs in a satisfying way." Raymond Harouny, Covent

  • Battericeller | Freber

    Batteries High quality products for both industrial and consumer-applications. We offer all kinds of battery technologies, lithium technology, nickel and alcalic, and custom solutions within voltage, shape and capacity. ​​ More information Jan Erik Hennum:, mob: +47 908 74 513 Tobias Hordvei: , mob: +47 482 46 366

  • 4 Subsea | Freber

    4Subsea 4Subsea offers technology and services that ensure safe production and maximum uptime of equipment for operators within oil, gas, and offshore wind. They provide critical decision support to operators worldwide through domain expertise, sensors, machine learning technology, and advanced data analytics. ​ Freber supplies battery packs to 4Subsea, including for use in their motion and vibration sensor SMS Motion. The sensor can operate at depths of 3000 meters and at frequencies from 10 to 1024 Hz. The sensor's low energy consumption can continuously log at 10 Hz for more than 360 days. "We have close contact with Freber's engineering team, and with their insight and knowledge of norwegian battery technology, we feel confident in the quality of the battery packs they deliver." Åge Grønningsæter, 4Subsea

  • Motstander | Freber

    Resistors We have focused on special resistors from RCD Components, high and low resistance values, low TCR, low tolerances (<1%), high power. We also deliver standard resistors in 1% and 5% tolerance in relative short time, SWIFT Service. RCD also delivers capacitors (ceramic, tantalum, incl. some mil.spec) and standard assortment for resistors, capacitors and inductors. More information Trond Eriksen:, mob: +47 995 17 498

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