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New product: Actuators


   Based on recurring demand, where Freber previously had to refer to customers to other suppliers, we have now chosen to add actuators to our line of products. ‘’This is a large market since the areas of application are so many’’ John Vanebo, Product Manager at Freber, explains.


   ''In connection to something we already supply; A controlled or automatic operation of hatches in dam plants, together with our very popular fuel cell-based energy supplies, could be a great solution. Our new series of micro-actuators could also create new possibilities within the market of drones, 3D-printers, robots and other technological production in medicine, aviation, cars, marine and home automation.''

   We can offer actuators from two different suppliers, with a range of models as tiny as Ø8mm with 50N force, and up to Ø86mm with 2 tonnes of thrust. This means that we can supply projects that range from small locks in vending machines to larger lifting devices in industry or healthcare.


If you need a linear movement with high precision, do not hesitate to contact us!

For more information contact John; +47 924 68 223, or

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